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Travels with Pavel: 18 February 2005

“It’s raining” that’s what Prší means and Pavel did not know why this Czech card game he was teaching me was called so. I didn’t care much since after the first few games, which I lost, I began winning quite a few. That was enough to make Pavel want to play pool with me later so that he could beat me and have his revenge. Strange game it might be with 32 cards but I think I like it, especially since it is one of the few games, I seem to have as good a chance as the opposite player of winning. At chess or pool, not even the law of averages can conspire to give me a win. I’m thumped almost every time.

It was to escape the oppressive heat of our lodgings that we took off for Same Same But Different for its Happy Hour and relaxed with some music and drink. I also decided to give Pavel an advance birthday treat with – what else, a bottle of beer.

Earlier, I’d found 200Baht in the side pocket of my rucksack. Where that came from I don’t know. I didn’t remember putting it there and how many days it travelled there in its dark corner, with every possibility of getting lost and never being missed, I don’t know, either. The atheist just smiles, while the believer goes “Hallelujah!”